Leadership and Kindness

Sunday is a good day to think about people. As we prepare for the week ahead and review what “was” – it is powerful to consider how things are or could have been.

Kindness has risen to the top of my mind this week. Time to consider how we treat each other and the power kindness has in the context of leadership. Consideration of the impact when we give or share time with our colleagues. Dedicating time to volunteer. Being present in the moment during a conversation. Saying thank you or simply demonstrating appreciation towards a co-worker or sales person.

But, does it really make a difference? I think that is a resounding YES.

As a leader, what does all this mean? As a leader, does it really matter? As a leader, business person, teacher, lecturer, guide, recruiter, CEO, banker, engineer, or whatever your role in life — kindness matters. Kindness makes the world a better place. Kindness are the threads that hold everything together. Kindness is our responsiblity – it does make the difference.

So what can we do? What is the point? Consider this as we begin a new week: define one kindness consideration for each day. One simple thing to exercise and focus on. Maybe it will take hold? Maybe it will make a difference? Maybe it will strengthen your culture? Maybe it will make the world a better place? Or maybe it will just make someone feel good? We will never know until we try – and as my grandmother always said: “….it couldn’t hurt”.

Here are 5 considerations for your week:

  • MONDAY: Be present in the moment. Pay attention to the many distractions during your day. When you are engaged with someone else, be focused, ask questions, participate, and give your time with intent and connection.
  • TUESDAY: Give a thoughtful and specific compliment or praise. Not the ‘necessary’ thank you. Be specific, be appropriate, and be immediate. Look for the opportunity to “make someone’s day”!
  • WEDNESDAY: Hunt down negativity and correct it. There are many opportunities to be less than positive and focus on what is not working the way we expected. Listen to your words, perspectives, and actions. Find the opportunities to dissect out the dark and insert the light. It is possible – just commit to doing it.
  • THURSDAY: Celebrate something. Send a “birthday text”. Write up a team email and spread the word about an accomplishment. Put the spotlight on a win, a new sale, a new opportunity, or maybe some huge accomplishment of a teammate or your company. Spread the good news – it’s not that hard to find – don’t keep it for yourself – share it!
  • FRIDAY: Figure out a random act of kindness. These are the most fun. Do something anonymous. Pick up coffee for the team, buy pastries for a staff meeting, or have your assistant’s car washed mysteriously? Send a “thank you” to the spouse of your assistant for sharing the time of their partner. This could be fun – it makes the difference for someone. This is an great way to end the week.

Thanks for reading this – the opportunity is yours to take. Consider the word: GIVE. Give your time, your support, your consideration and brighten someone’s day. Make the wold. better place. LEAD THE WAY – you will make a difference.

Thanks for reading this – the opportunity is yours to reach out and take.

Think about the word: GIVE. Give your time, your support, your consideration and brighten someone’s day.

Make the wold a better place and LEAD THE WAY – you will make a difference.

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