You can contact Jonathan, any time, day or night. All messages are returned either via phone, email, or text within 24 hours of receipt.

Jonathan lives in Portland, Oregon – a suburb called Hillsboro. Portland is known for it’s quirky grandeur, gardens, doughnuts, bookstores, and lots of bikes.

Depending on needs, we can meet via phone, video conference, or face to face. Travel expenses are charged for in person workshops – we will always work together to do what is best for all stakeholders.

Contact Information
Jonathan Thalberg
408-202-5119 / cell and text

For more information about impactful and sustainable engagements or to create a program addressing your specific concerns, contact Jonathan for a complimentary needs discussion and evaluation of the best tools, a customized approach, and a results focused program to help your teams and people thrive.

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