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Reading is an miraculous thing. However, do we take the time to read, consider, and put what we read in action? Ask yourself the following five questions:

  • Was I giving full attention to what I read?
  • Why did I select this book, article, or magazine to devote my time to?
  • Am I allocating time to ‘digest’ what I am learning?
  • Can I commit to how I will convert my new perspectives into action?
  • How can I share what I’m discovering?

The bookcase below contains books I would suggest to enrich your perspectives on leadership, management, personal growth, and employee engagement. Take time, pick one up, broaden your perspectives, and consider action steps — it is time well spent.

The books referenced are a terrific starting point. Every book has an impact – it is about clarity as to what issue you are wanting to work on. I compare books with resumes – the best book – simply put – is the book that interests you, provides you with insight – and the book contributes to your growth as a leader. If you would like a helping hand, provide you perspectives, or suggest a book, feel free to drop me a note, I would appreciate learning from you.

  • Beverly Kaye / Sharon Jordan Evans are experts in Employee Engagement. To discover practical actions to increase employee satisfaction through engagement – Love ‘EM or Lose ‘EM is a wonderful resource.
  • If you are wanting to focus on organizational health – Patrick Lencioni has the recipe for how a leader can ensure their foundation of trust exists and flourishes, and is sustained for their teams. These books are practical, clear, and results are long-lasting.
  • Do you enjoy cold calling? We know, nobody does. Joanne Black, the author of No More Cold Calling, wrote the most influential book on sales excellence. You will never think of relationship selling the same.
  • Level 5 Leadership? If that is an interest of yours – Jim Collins is at the front of the room when leaders are ready to embrace true humility and lead – his visions are crucial.
  • To recognize your strengths and embrace a culture that focuses on what we can do rather than our limitations, listen to the movement championed by Marcus Buckingham – he knows how to focus on what we do well.

To view or download the list of suggested books, simply click on the bookcase. Happy Reading!

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