Affiliations and Testimonials

As Marcus Buckingham shares with his clients, knowing what we are great at is only half of success. Identifying the best teammates is an absolute competitive advantage. Recognizing and understanding our strengths and areas to improve enables teams to achieved remarkable things. The strongest and healthiest teams are those who can create wondrous things that are well rounded, impactful, and fundamentally sustainable.

Learn what people have said? What were some of the results of discussions, coaching, or workshops? What sort of impact have these discoveries had? Do you have something you want to share?

Send a quick note to Jonathan and provide insights on the impact your partnership has had, and thank you for sharing.

Partnerships and Affiliations

The links and references below are strong, passionate, and results oriented partners who can engage either directly with you or we can work together to over achieve our goals and objectives. As my favorite African proverb reminds us:

Feel free to reach out to any of these resources. You will be pleased you did. If you would like a personal introduction, let me know and I will introduce you.

Guides & partners with leaders, individuals, and teams to discover sustainable benefits of a cohesive team, clarity, and absolute organizational health. Coaching, workshops, mentoring, and diagnostic support for large organizations, teams, and individuals.

to learn more visit thalbergj consulting services.

Engaging and customized services Helping Everyday Leaders Achieve Greatness. Individual coaching, workshops, and keynotes. Master Practitioner for Liz Wiseman’s Multipliers.

to learn more visit Career Climb Consulting

Master referral selling to put your company above your competition. Adopt this powerful “hidden secret” and build your sales pipeline without ever cold calling. Keynotes and coaching for Sales professionals.

to learn more visit No More Cold Calling.

Helping Servant Leaders and Executives become Masterful Communicators. Expert level facilitation and coaching.

to learn more visit Illumination Coaching.

Working with executive teams seeking guidance to improve their cohesion and alignment. Al supports teams to translate their organization’s vision so that it is both inspiring and actionable.

to learn more visit Amador Consulting.

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