A leader in human resources with over 25 years of progressive global experiences and deep passions leading, coaching, mentoring, guiding, and motivating leaders and their teams.  

Jonathan has a business mind and a heart focused on team health.  His goals as a coach include being a trusted partner to help teams and individuals clear away clutter and allow everyone to see opportunities ahead.   His ability to journey with his clients provides comfort and confidence as people work to clarify their roadmaps to achieve goals quickly, effectively, and sustainably.  

With his global experiences, Jonathan contributed to business growth and strategic accomplishments with high tech companies for many years.  His rich, wide, and insightful human resource & organizational development experiences combined with his coaching, team and leadership strengths, have allowed groups and individuals to achieve remarkable and sustainable results.   As a project leader, Jonathan is able to build teams, create clarity, and execute on complex tasks ensuring results that are on time and within budgets.  Employee satisfaction and incorporating feedback is included in these initiatives – collaboration drives results.

In his role as a facilitator, coach, teacher, and mentor, Jonathan has supported teams and individuals through complex changes, ambiguity, and significant barriers. His ability to be a guide in times of uncertainty and organizational unrest strengthens bonds and accelerates results.  As a leader, helping teams implement large scale and global programs has demonstrated not only global impact, but long term satisfaction for customers and stakeholders.   

Jonathan’s specialties include bridging teams, and aligning people, creating cultures rooted in trust, strengthening constructive conflict, accountability and providing a sharp focus on results.  His passion for team cohesion and sharp focus on accountability has made impact on managers and teams resulting in healthier organizations that achieve results and strategic wins.  

Jonathan has held leadership roles with Cadence Design Systems, Synopsys, and EMC / Dell.  His drive to achieve results and foster a winning culture is at the core of everything he does.  His reputation is a team member who can be relied on for candid feedback, creative problem solving, analytical thinking, and a team member who delivers.  While at EMC, Jonathan integrated teams all around the world and helped make teams feel more connected. He contributed to the success of an international, 1000 person R&D organization.   Jonathan engaged with teams all across the US, England, France, Israel, China, Japan, India, and Australia.

In the early years, Jonathan contributed to customer success through training and corporate customer enablement.  As a leader in the Hospitality Industry, he exercised his passion for the voice of the customer and was exposed to the challenges facing organizations to balance needs of the business while delivering results and providing delight for every customer.  Jonathan holds a Master’s in Business Administration and a Bachelor’s Degree with emphasis on Political Science and English.  

Jonathan has also facilitated workshops utilizing the Hogan Instrument, MBTI, Strengths Finder, DiSC, Organizational Health, and Personal Development Sessions produced by Franklin Covey.   Jonathan is honored to support various levels of organizations through one on one, team coaching, and mentoring.

Jonathan is fortunate to reside in a glorious Pacific Northwest city near Portland, Oregon. For more information, or to speak with Jonathan directly, contact him any time. / (408) 202-5119

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