Be Present in the Moment

It is about connectedness. Being “present” in the moment is one of those things that can be considered very “obvious” or very “simple” – but wow, it is not comfortable or easy.

STOP. Stop and think of a time when you last experienced or noticed being with someone, but not really with them. When was the last time you were having a conversation with someone, but it was more like a lecture? Can you think of a time when you went to a concert where you felt the artist was connecting with each person in the auditorium? What about a time when you were in the board room and the leader was talking but not connecting? These are the times – rather, these are the opportunities to call folks out and connect. How do we do that? How do we ensure we actually connect with each other? What can we do to be present in the moment? This is the secret sauce!

But are there benefits of being present? What good does this do? This is almost an easy answer. The benefits of connection are, at a minimum, three. These three examples include:

  1. You are building trust. Trust is an absolute foundation for any relationship. Trust opens doors and generates discussion. Trust creates healthy debate.
  2. You discover options. When you are engaged with a colleague or colleagues and have dynamic discussions solutions are multi faceted. Solutions are creative. Their approaches are designed collaboratively rather than silo’d.
  3. ASK! This short, yet powerful word is about impact. When you ask for conversation, you show interest, you demonstrate caring, you connect. Ask for confirmation that you are aligned and have agreement.

Your next action takes discipline. Keep your eyes open. Pay attention to areas that are barriers to connection. Are they structures that inhibit you ability to connect? Remove the barriers, notice the free flow when you removes the blocks. Also keep an eye out for your personal resistance. Are you cautious? Are you hesitant? Pay attention to the power of connecting. It makes a huge difference!

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