Write them down – they will be…

Working on a post this week, my belief that ‘words matter’ was validated again.  The 4-letter word: GOAL, was pulling my attention and generating internal thought, debate, and landing on the fact that although words matter, when they coexist – great things can happen.  Consider:

  • Must a goal be huge? 
  • Does a goal have to be absolute?
  • Are goals always successful?

This is powerful; however, we need to also commit focus on personal goals.  We remember that those are our goals; these are the ones that get pushed aside.  These are the goals we misplace and sacrifice.  We can do better – It is not impossible; in fact, it is easy.  .  This can be done – all we do is keep an eye on our monthly goals – our 12 in 12.  

When we make the choice join a team, the truth is that everyone likes to win.  Everyone enjoys ‘checking the box’.  We all appreciate developing ourselves and as we improve – it is important to frequently raise the bar.  Goals can be daunting.  Goals can intimidate or even overwhelm.  In Patrick Lencioni’s book: Politics, Silos, and Turf Wars, Pat shares the concept of a thematic goal, a rally cry, your “North Star”.  It is when teams sharpen focus on a collective goal, individuals step back and ask: “how do I contribute?”  Action and commitment drive focus.  As teams and the individual within commit to shared goals, together they share tasks and actions leading to the finish line.  They reach their goals faster, under budget, and deliver quality – and they do this together.

The 12 in 12 approach is an exercise sharpening focus on a precise, lightweight, and simple step accelerating our personal development forward.  These are equally as important as contributing to our team progress.  They are simple and they have big impact.  You will recognize your internal voices yell: “but how? I don’t have time?”  As we recall and embrace Stephen Covey’s reminder that we cannot ‘make time’ rather we ‘take the time’.  When you stop frantically running and write down your goals, you do them – you commit – you achieve.   The challenge is clear:

  • Get into a calm and quiet space.
  • Commit to 20 minutes.
  • Think about today, this week, and this month.  What simple task (goal) do you want to accomplish by the end of the month.  Write it down.
  • Next, consider next month.  What simple and achievable goal will you want to check off by the end of that month? 
  • Now consider 10 more simple tasks, goals, or ‘to-dos’ you want to accomplish.  Write them down.
  • Before you get up, look at all 12 goals and you will have 12 reasons to celebrate!

When you are ready to learn more and commit to this practice, reach out to me, I will send you a lightweight guide to get started – one step at a time.   Wishing you success for your next 12 months!

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