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I’ve known Jonathan since we worked together at Cadence, and I am fortunate to count him as a friend and colleague many years later. Jonathan remains the consummate professional, well-steeped and knowledgeable about all things HR related, bringing the requisite people skills to a role that so fiercely demands a genuine love of people. His warm and inviting demeanor ensures an approachable ally who understands the needs of the organization while asserting the rights and responsibilities of employees at every level.

I found Jonathan particularly helpful to me in navigating the nuances of work-life balance, and in trusting our own instincts to inform key decisions in our lives. Because of our shared time at Cadence, we both have an excellent example and substrate by which to measure success, and it’s a high bar. As Jonathan embarks on a consulting career — years in the making — I wish him every success. His immediate and sustained connection with people characterizes a career that sees only an upward trajectory.

Gail Wilson
Knowledge Developer and Editor
Palo Alto Networks, Cisco, & Cadence Design Systems
Silicon Valley

Jonathan helped guide me on my way to a job post-undergrad. I felt he understood what my next steps needed to be in crafting the perfect resume/cover-letter for where I wanted to go in my career. Jonathan’s ability to listen, analyze and mentor based off his past experiences is what I felt helped me the most in our encounter. I would recommend Jonathan to anyone who is in need of career coaching and mentorship.

Austen Hammon
Nike Expert on Demand

Jonathan, you are the expert at working remotely and succeeding!  During our tenure together you knew the goings on of the business more than anyone and it was done remotely.

Tammy Merrill
LinkedIn Comment, April 8, 2019

Jonathan was a guest speaker for five days in my classroom in Scappoose speaking to graduating seniors about professionalism, applying for jobs, resume writing and career building, and building a personal brand.  He was incredibly prepared and detail-oriented and had a host of interesting and challenging exercises for the students to tackle.  He took the time to engage with the students one-on-one and bring them into the conversation and maintained a respectful and upbeat learning environment throughout the 100-minute sessions.  Several students spoke to me afterwards and commented how empathetic and informed Jonathan was, and how valuable this class was for them.  I would heartily recommend Jonathan in any capacity as a speaker, classroom resource, and motivator; you will not find someone who cares more deeply about striving for excellence, organizational health, and helping people become the absolute best they can be.

Dean Backus, Scappoose High School
English and Social Studies Teacher
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