These are the tools we will leverage to evaluate, design, and implement actions and solutions to help you, your team, and your clients accelerate results.

What is Your Personality Type? Your Preference?

Everybody has tools to help make things easier.  There are three practical and insightful tools used to provide clarity and keep a conversation focused.  These are flexible in that they can be used for individuals or teams.  The best part is when a team employs a tool – the language becomes a foundation for understanding.  Here is a summary to help select which tool is best for you?  It could even be all three?

The MBTI (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator) is an insightful and validating perspective as to your “preferences” or you “type”.  As with the other tools, this instrument is based on tremendous research and study.  

From the most digestible perspective, think of this report as a portal into your “natural state”. In workshops we think of this discussion as similar to discovering if you are right handed or left.  You can use your non-dominant hand; however, your preference is the one you are most comfortable and proficient with. 

What is Your Reputation?

It is a remarkable thing to be self-aware; however, without the benefit of a complete 3600feedback session, the HOGAN assessment is a tool that provides the recipient a view into what folks observe about their behavior.  

With a short, but robust instrument, the participate and coach will review and discuss three perspectives on how a person behaves and gets things done.  In a business context, this tool enables the participants to have a rich conversation around the impact an individual has on their teams, their colleagues, their personal relationships, and their family.  

Rooted in three segments, the Hogan delivers insights into how someone is perceived in the context of: DAY TO DAY; UNDER STRESS; and a summary of their VALUES and DRIVERS. These three facets come together to a holistic view to build understanding and create actions to clarity what the participant want to reinforce/continue, what they want to reduce or stop, and what actions or commitments need to be done to ensure success.

How Do You Interact With Others?

Although all tools provide insight as to how we interact with others – the DiSC assessment helps individuals gain a view into how we best understand how folks interconnect.  

A useful perspective as to the value of DiSC perspectives was how this tool helps to clarify the differnece between the Golden Ruleand the Platinum Rule.  We all remember the golden rule: “Do onto others as you would have them do unto you.” That’s a simple though.  But now, take it one step further: “Do onto others as they want to be done unto.”  It’s a very nuanced consideration – but highly impactful as you work to focus on deep and meaningful relationships and results.   The DiSC assessment provide the insight and energizes an action planning session.

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