Juggling Chainsaws

Do you feel like you have been juggling chainsaws? How many can you juggle? Always remember: You are NOT alone!   

Let’s be blunt, it is exhausting, at best, the multiple perspectives we, as humans are balancing and have to deal with.   We are in unmanageable times and have conflicting, overwhelming, and huge amounts of data thrown at us each day.  Personal, professional, macro and micro economic information, global unrest, local conflicts, social justice issues, and of course climate perspectives challenge us every waking (and some sleeping) moments.    What can we do?  Some are hiding, some are at the forefront. Everyone makes choices, engages or by-passes, but no matter what, the truth is we are in this together.  

And the word TOGETHER is the point.  This morning, in an email from the Harvard Business Review “Management Tip of the Day”  I read a “tip” that no matter your perspective on how to stop spinning, how we can invest a small amount of time, and make sure we are aligned – a tip that was a terrific “ah-ha moment”.  This tip, at the core, was simple, quick to grasp and easy to see how it was truly transferrable to virtually any situation.

Keeping in mind the tip of the day,  I ask you to stop for a moment and consider the following techniques to “slow and control the juggling”. 

  1. ASK.  Take a quick inventory of things you are assuming and doing just because you do them.  Are you doing things that have impact or relevance?  Have circumstances changed?  Seek and insist on understanding.
  2. BREATHE.  Before you react, take a breath.  What is the objective?  Pay attention to the emotional triggers around you.  Almost 100% of the time, there is no malicious intent; however, reactions are raw, time is tight, and those chainsaws are making a lot of noise. 
  3. CREATE A SPACE FOR DISCUSSION.  Keep in mind that different does not always mean wrong.   Listening is NOT waiting for your turn to speak.   
  4. SPEAK UP BUT NOT LOUDER.   The only way we can solve issues are to understand them and come together to build and install solutions.   Remember, great listening is not simply waiting for your turn to speak. Volume does not create clarity.
  5. WE ARE NOT ALONE.   Reach up, out, over, and around.  When the power of many work towards change, no matter what the objective, good things can develop.

A Parting Thought

Keep in mind, these tips, this perspective, and these images all connect to the simplicity of clarity. Always insist in understaing different goals – this is a truth for all contexts. This truth is not unique to personal or professional lives.

There is no “secret sauce” here or anywhere.  What we are seeing during this period in our lives are opportunities.  Opportunities to do better.  Opportunities to connect closely.  Opportunities to be curious and discover new perspectives.  Opportunities to savor our uniqueness.   Opportunity to integrate perspectives into our business, our leadership, our teams, our connections, and ourselves.

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