Happy 2021

What the heck is a resolution? Do people even really do them anymore? One thing that is easily noticed is how busy (in normal times) the gym is. By February, the parking lot is more open and things are less crowded. The question is, why? Why do we commit then forget? Why do we make a goal, then stop? Could be human nature or could be that we simply over-extend.

So, in lieu of grand gestures and goals as our new year accelerates – how about this … can you zero in on hopes for the future? Goals can be so daunting, but areas to focus sound much easier to achieve. Here are some of my “hopes” – these are my focus areas, these are my goals, these are things I’m going to work towards. (btw, besides a monthly post too!)

With my Top 10 now posted, hope you will feel inspired. Share your focus ares – and when we look back, 12 months from now, we can raise the banner – look at what I accomplished!!

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