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How many times each day are we exposed to the word “NORMAL”? What is normal? What will the next months look like and how are we, as people, transformed from our experiences during the past year plus? I must say that this blog post has been stuck in my head for quite some time, but it’s time.

Many people can declare they have had their shots. Many have great jobs, great challenges, and a wonderful future ahead. My struggle is what have we learned? What are we going to do differently? What do we want to do differently?

This will not be a long post, rather this is a top 10 list of things we can consider, and do, as we transform to a ‘hybrid’ workforce. These are practical and real things we can ponder, change, modify and integrate into all we do every day.

Being a healthy human – a healthy friend – partner, team member, leader, organization, or company takes simple things – but they require discipline. Commit, clarify, and collaborate – we can be stronger no matter where we live. What will be the outcome? I know the workforce will be stronger, closer, and filled with joy each day. The goal is to help teams be as excited for a Monday equally as much as they yearn for a Friday.

Below are 7 focal points for us all to sharpen and not let go. The benefits of being in a hybrid workplace model are real and within our grasp.

Ask ow can we be more connected while living and working in a hybrid world? There is no secret sauce, the 7 items are about sell-awareness and action. Share with your teams – connect with your teams, call “just because” – results will be powerful and sustainable.

1.     Never skip a 1:1
Preserve time for your teams.  You have options – call a colleague when you are commuting, and you will discover fast and simple to tighten your relationships.
2.     Be Curious
Don’t take anything at face value.  Be humble.  Seek breakthroughs.
3.     Fail Fast
Be bold and correct quickly. 
4.     Audit Your Meetings
Make time count and engage on the right things at the right time.  
5.     Text Only for a quick outreach 
“Hey, do you have a minute?”  Then call.  Don’t let the distance enable bad behaviors.
6.     Be Inclusive
Ensure the right people are at the right meetings. Inclusion leads to diversity and stronger results.
7.     Celebrate and Spotlight Successes
Find people doing good things and provide immediate and positive reinforcement.  Strengthen your team and keep conversations alive!
7 Focus Points

Ready to focus your team and perform at their best – VIRTUALLY? Schedule time with Jonathan Thalberg.

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